Caring for the environment

Plant Environmental Profile

We have designed the TAED manufacturing process to produce as little impact on the environment as possible. During manufacture, we recycle both heat and process liquors to conserve energy and to ensure that minimum amounts of waste are created.

Inevitably, there are residues that remain at the end of the manufacturing process that cannot be economically recovered. These residues, that would otherwise end up in landfill, are used as fuel and the heat produced generates around 10% of the site’s steam requirement.

We have also worked to reduce the load on the area’s potable water supply. The Environment Agency has granted Warwick a license to abstract water from a local river and by using this natural source for some of our processes, the Company significantly reduces the quantity of mains water used. This helps to conserve local reservoir supplies and also reduces the use of water treatment chemicals.


Our achievements has been recognised by numerous awards.

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Advanced technology and a continuous programme of R&D maintain Warwick’s status as the world leader in bleach activators.

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