Company Profile

Company Profile

Warwick International is a leading speciality chemical manufacturer providing bleach activation systems to the global fabric and home care markets.

We operate the world’s largest bleach activation chemical manufacturing facility at our base in Mostyn, North Wales. Every year, more than 2 billion people benefit from our products, the power within their favourite cleaning brands. Over 90% of our production is exported, to over 50 countries worldwide.

Founded in 1958, Warwick has an outstanding reputation for consistent product quality and on time delivery. We have won many prestigious awards, and we are committed to supplying environmentally friendly products.

Our plant incorporates innovative systems to recycle energy, optimise efficiency and minimise waste. We put health and safety first in all our operations, and we invest extensively in training our workforce in Six Sigma and Operational Excellence.

Warwick was purchased by the Lubrizol Corporation on 31st December 2014. Lubrizol is a technology-driven global company owned by Berkshire Hathaway. Warwick sits within the Personal, Home and Healthcare Division of Lubrizol Advanced Materials.