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Warwick Chemicals is the world’s leading manufacturer of bleach activators for the detergent and biocide industries. Our products are the power within products across 5 continents and over 50 countries.

Our Mykon series of bleach activators, based on TAED (Tetraacetylethylenediamine) are produced in Mostyn, North Wales by the acetylation of ethylenediamine. The pure TAED produced is then granulated to customers’ requirements for particle size and colour.

TAED enables clothes to be washed effectively and safely at lower temperatures, thereby reducing energy usage and minimising environmental impact. It is also widely used in dishwasher formulations.

Our Research and Development Department is working on the next generation of bleach activators. They will enable consumers to achieve both improved stain removal and further energy savings – and maintain Warwick Chemicals’ status as innovators and market leaders.

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Typical uses include

  • Detergents
  • Automatic dishwashing
  • Bleach boosters
  • Biocidal products