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Warwick’s facility at Mostyn has been designated a Centre of Excellence for Lubrizol’s Global Fabric Care Research and Development.

Investment in both people and equipment means that now Warwick can now support customers across Lubrizol’s entire Fabric Care portfolio for both liquid, powder and unit dose detergents.

In addition to Customer support, Research is also focused on the next generation of products. With the continuing trend to lower washing temperatures, greater demands are placed on the bleaching system. The challenge is also to design products that work under the very different washing conditions found around the world.

Scientists at Warwick Chemicals have developed products that are more powerful and work faster so that washing performance can be improved even as energy usage is reduced. Mykon Cold Wash works even below 15C and in challenging water quality, by ensuring peracetic acid is generated quickly and remains stable throughout the wash cycle. This has enabled bleaching systems incorporating Mykon Cold Wash to be formulated into detergents for markets that previously were unable to benefit from the hygiene, whitening and stain removal benefits of TAED.

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