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Mykon TAED can be used in all solid forms of laundry detergents. It is generally added at 2-3% in traditional detergents and 4-5% in compact formulations.
Care is taken during the granulation process to produce a product that is resistant to attrition during handling and that will react rapidly with hydrogen peroxide during washing to produce the active ingredient peracetic acid. In addition, the particle size is optimised to avoid segregation.
Mykon TAED is available in white, blue, green and pink granules in packages from 25kg to 1t.

Automatic Dishwashing

In dishwashing tablets space is at a premium so all additives must deliver an excellent performance to weight ratio. Mykon TAED provides excellent removal of difficult to remove tea stains and enables the persalt level in the tablet to be reduced, which frees up space for other ingredients. This is particularly important in phosphate-free formulations.

Laundry Additives

The laundry market has experienced strong growth in bleach boosters, which are products that are added alongside a detergent to increase whiteness, hygiene and the removal of bleachable stains. TAED is the key ingredient that provides these benefits more effectively and cost efficiently than sodium percarbonate alone.
Mykon TAED provides excellent whitening performance in these formulations

Biocidal Products

Warwick B Series TAED products are specially formulated for use in biocidal formulations.

When used with a source of hydrogen peroxide, Warwick B Series TAED generates peracetic acid which is a broad spectrum biocide, providing excellent kill levels for bacteria, viruses and spores. As a consequence, Warwick’s B Series TAED is used for the cold sterilisation of medical instruments and in denture cleaning formulations.

Warwick’s B Series TAED products have been registered by the EPA as Manufacturing Use Products in the USA for use as a biocide and in Europe under the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR). Warwick Chemicals is happy to assist customers in EPA End Use Product or BPR registrations.

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